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The game porting process

Source Code

The first significant thing that needs to be considered during the process of transition from one platform to the other is the game’s source code. The complexity of this process heavily depends on the architecture of the game engine used during the development stage. However, in the case of many multi-platform engines, this phase of the game porting process can be done smoothly by tweaking the code.

Visual Assets

The next step’s primary focus is adapting the graphics to the platform hardware. This ensures that the game meets the requirements for performance and provides the player with the best experience. This stage is crucial because the game’s visuals are one of the first things players notice. While a project can become successful thanks to the engaging story or unique gameplay, the visual element remains the highest priority.


Our team considers every detail to optimize the CPU and GPU performance properly while running the game on the target platform. The goal here is to fine-tune the game so that the use of resources is optimal. The game has to run smoothly and the quality of the visuals needs to be high enough so that all hardware resources are engaged. The players’ game experience is also a priority. We prioritize performance optimization to ensure the best gameplay even in instances when game porting is being handled on less powerful devices.

Gameplay Elements

If the game was developed with a specific platform in mind, some gameplay elements might reflect that. For example, tasks that require precise camera control in a short period are more suitable for PC games, as using a mouse makes them easier for the player to handle. These gameplay elements need to be adapted for a better player experience.

Game Polish

This stage of game porting process steps can be seen as the game polish. However, it is essential to provide all the players with an equally comfortable and satisfying experience. This step is especially challenging when it comes to porting a game to and from a mobile platform.

Game Testing

Testing is an essential component of the video game porting process. However, game testing also has certain specifics for different gaming platforms. For this reason, our team makes sure that the testing is always conducted by someone familiar with the target platform and the testing tools that are perfect for it.


The last step is the application of the platform-specific requirements. The usual requirements may include the rating from an official rating board, proper localization for the territories where the game will be sold, proof of proper licensing for the assets, among other requirements

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